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AMT manufactures high quality touch screen components for device makers the world over. 

AMT is committed to manufacturing the best quality touch screen components, controllers and drivers available. As a top provider in the field, AMT offers customers a comprehensive array of available touch screen technology, using only the best materials and exacting standards of quality assurance.


Customer Commitment

With nearly a decade of experience, AMT pledges our complete commitment to quality and value. Apex Material Technology Corporation's full scope of touch screen manufacturing and engineering capabilities, together with diverse controller and driver offerings, provides customers with total solution support for any device profile.


AMT is committed to customer satisfaction in

· Highest Quality Materials
· R&D and Engineering Leadership
· Complete Reliability
· Superior Product Durability
· Design Flexibility
· World-Class Service and Support
· Total Turnkey Solutions


Serving customers around the world, in a wide range of manufacturing areas, AMT guarantees effective touch screen functionality for the most demanding situations. Whether for industrial or end-user deployment, AMT provides reliable, whole-solution support for touch screen needs in a variety of environments.


End-to-end Touch Screen Support

All AMT touch screen products guarantee durability, reliability, and precision sufficient to meet the requirements of every application. End-to-end reliability comes from a winning combination of design and manufacturing flexibility and expertise, and proven capability in the development of touch screen, controller, and driver solutions with the highest possible quality.


AMT provides all customers with as much support as needed during the product design stage, offering our accrued expertise in the development of combined touch screen / controller / driver solutions, as well as fast and effective troubleshooting and root cause diagnosis.


You can reach AMT at any time with the Contact Us link.


AMT, the leading touch screen manufacturer and turn-key touch solutions provider in Taiwan, is your best choice.